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Tom Whitworth

Jeri Lynn Chandler



Tom worked for twenty-two years in marketing, advertising and business consultancy for companies such as General Foods, Lyons Tetley, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising and Hal Riney & Partners before making the transition to his current design and illustration work.

Years of heady corporate work, travel, and sundry adventures have not eclipsed the boyhood summers in Wales or the two years spent farming in Southern England. That affinity for the natural world largely inspires Tom's creative ideas today. His designs and illustrations have been incorporated into rainforest exhibits in Mexico City, the Visitor Center in Yosemite National Park, extravagant hotels in Las Vegas, as well as whimsical and fanciful note cards and T-shirts.

A naturalist's eye, an actor's sense of drama, and the trickster's wit come together in Tom resulting in unique and often surprising design solutions.

elsewhere on the web: www.tomwhitworth.com



Jeri Lynn's eclectic background in environmental conservation and design grew naturally out of a seemingly innate feel for the land and its plants and animals. Her interests in biology, photography and landscape, as well as research, writing, and public information work for the National Park Service, World Wildlife Fund, and Maryland's natural resources department dovetailed in the study of landscape architecture.

With fine attention to detail and solid organizational and administrative talents, Jeri Lynn dots the i at Whitworth and i.

member: American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA); National Association for Interpretation (NAI)

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