Still a Beautiful Day in America

President Woodrow Wilson signed the act creating the National Park Service 100 years ago. In honor of the National Park Service’s centennial this week, the Guardian has compiled scenes from around the country. From coast to coast, Hawaii to Maine, the beauty, nature and scope of US national parks are still breathtaking.

One hundred years from now, who knows what the story will be?

Legacy Park in Malibu Wins ASLA Honor Award

Legacy Park in Malibu, California, has won an Honor Award for Design in the Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space category from the American Association of Landscape Architects. Royston Hanamoto Alley & Abey (RHAA) picked up the award for creating a 15-acre habitat Leslie Stone and Associates demonstration, environmental education and storm water management oasis from what was once, by some accounts, a rather on the interpretive component scrappy vacant lot. Tom worked with of the project, providing illustrations for panels and designing what became some pretty cool mosaic sculptures. Congratulations to everyone involved.

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