Centre du Vin Universe

We like the new treatment Francois de Tessan dreamed up for the restaurant at the Ledson Hotel on Sonoma Plaza. Lighter, brighter, snazzier, jazzier – really catches your eye. It’s called Centre du Vin.

And I (Jeri Lynn) like how Tom (Whitworth) pictured it for him so he could pull it all together in just a couple of weeks  – in time for the film festival opening. It even looks like this in real life. Check it out next time you’re on the Plaza in Sonoma. You can’t miss it.

[Update: Oh my, already we have to qualify our thumbs up for the new look at Centre du Vin. We were shocked and amazed yesterday to see that the new awning has morphed into some honking RED thang from it’s previously discreet but snazzy self. Hmmph. Well, who knows? Still like Tom’s pic.]

[P.S.: This is a rather belated post script. It turns out the amazingly big weird red awning was short-lived, and all was quickly back to snazzy nouveau normal. And we hear the new menu is nice! Have you been by to check it out yet?]

[P.P.S.: You know what? Forget about it. The awning actually pulls down and the awning retracts. Sometimes it’s amazingly big and red like a big pizza pie, and sometimes it’s a snazzy, jazzy accent. In either case, it is not the meaning of life.]

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