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Who Knew Where a Little Twittering Would Lead?

Last January a friend of ours had big plans to head back East to The Ball (capital T, capital B – we’re talking Green Inaugural Ball folks), and she’d been tapped to tweet the details. Well, I wasn’t going to let that get by me, so I signed up for twitter. Two birds with one stone (sorry) – I was going to find out what all the fuss was with twitter and pretend I had a balcony seat for the festivities.

I showed up at the party for a little real-time news and vicarious schmooze – and stuck around for the dim sum.

At first I had no idea what was going on. It took me forever to figure out what RT means (ReTweet), and when I wanted to flag someone in a message, I’d forget the @ thingy in front of their twitter name. Oh well. I could have avoided a little embarrassment by spending some time with, but you know it was all going by me so fast, I kind of got swept up in it all.

Besides, I really didn’t think anyone was paying much attention to my feeble tweets. Really I didn’t.

But look what happened. Surprise, surprise. Today Tom and I were singled out as a favorite tweep of Sarah Bray, one of our contacts through twitter, and she published a short interview with us on her site (now offline).

I’m not even sure just how we started following Sarah on twitter but I think it came through another mutual connection – Danielle LaPorte. (That is how this social networking thing is supposed to work, you know.) I found Danielle’s website ( through another blog I read and had started following her on twitter. In our twitter feed I noticed Sarah had taken some business advice from Danielle and applied it to a complete redo of her website and approach to doing business. I thought she did a stellar job and told her so – and so one thing led to another it seems. (Sarah’s a website designer and produces an incredibly useful newsletter. Check out her site at now offline. Instead find Sarah at

I’m a big fan of twitter. For us it’s been a great vehicle for finding and building new contacts. I can easily see that for other people it could be a super way to communicate with a network that already exists. Either way, it’s a conversation not a soapbox people. Try to refrain from simply making speeches and only using twitter to broadcast your news without checking in with your tweeps. You never know what that six degrees of separation thing – times a million retweets – might bring your way.

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Whitworth and iTom and I have been keeping our own personal blogs for awhile now, but we’ve been slow to add a blog for ‘Whitworth and i.’  Tough to tout the importance of personal content-driven communication on the web to the people we work with, though, if we’re not out there ourselves.

So we’re biting the bullet and incorporating a blog, along with other social media, into our modus operandi. We actually expect it to be a whole lot of fun. Our studio/office is down the end of a dead-end gravel road and comes with all the benefits that implies, but it sometimes gets pretty quiet out here. Sure there’s the telephone and email, but it turns out there are all kinds of ways to find and network with people, get your work out there, and talk about what you’re thinking and what you’re doing.

Besides, it’s what it’s all about these days.

In a small shop when you’re busy with the day to day, it is an adjustment to make regular communication a part of the routine. We’re finding you can’t get too uptight about figuring it out as you go along. (Well, within reason, of course.) Some people will say you have to post several times a week, that people won’t check in without a lot of stuff happening. Others insist fewer, but substantive, posts are the thing.  The truth is you have to find what works for you and what the people in your network are looking for from you – what it takes to get your message out and to really connect with people. We think it’s also important to have some fun in the process.

So here we go. You can follow us in snippets on twitter where we’re known as whitworthandi – or check back here for the more occasional update.

Connect with Tom (Whitworth) online at on Facebook.

You can find me (Jeri Lynn/i) on Facebook. I also tweet about sustainable food on twitter as @blueplusgreen.

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We look forward to talking with you soon!