Drawing Alternative Energy

Frank Binney is an interpretive writer and long time caver. I worked with him in the past to dream up and draw exhibits to be installed in the new National Cave & Karst Research Institute under construction in New Mexico.

The building will feature a Ground Source Heat Pump which exploits the fact that the constant temperature under ground — in a cave say – is an average of the summer/winter extremes above ground. So using some sort of exchange m-edium you can cool a building in summer and heat it in winter with a lot less energy.

Frank needed a drawing of a simple interpretive panel to explain to visitors how it works, bearing in mind that most people spend 45 seconds tops at each display in a visitors center or museum. (Advertisers have known this for years.)

So here’s my series of sketches that led to the drawing at the bottom, which Frank sent to the client as part of his proposal — to help sell the idea.


illustration Tom Whitworth


Frank Binney & Associates