Gleanings by Bob CannardWhile it’s not really our announcement to make, we are pleased to be able to say a project that has been on the back burner for quite some time was recently wrapped up and turned over to the client.

Whew! […wiping brow…]

For the first time (ever), some of Bob Cannard’s ideas about farming and his own approach to growing have been collected in book form. We called it Gleanings and it includes a brief introduction, two sections presenting Bob’s philosophy, one section on basic garden rules, and then back matter on garden teas, the four+ food groups and working the soil for improvement. It’s not a ‘manual’ by any stretch. Much like any talk you might have heard Bob give, it’s meant to be an equal mixture of inspiration and instruction.

Greenstring Institute will now be carrying the project forward and releasing more copies, reissuing Gleanings in a revised form, or perhaps turning it over to another publisher. Check with Greenstring for details.

In the meantime, Whitworth & I have three two [no longer available…] copies of this original first edition available for purchase: 80 pages; 5 in. x 8 in.; paper wraps; $20.00, inclusive of shipping and California sales tax.

Bob Cannard is a renowned Northern California farmer who has been supplying produce to fine restaurants and regular folks alike for decades, while lecturing widely on organic techniques and restorativefarming.

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