Legacy Park Animals Hit the Road

It’s exciting. Some of the animals Tom designed for Malibu Legacy Park are now complete and have begun the journey south for installation.

photo source: Robin Indar - lifting snakeMosaic artist Robin Indar has been working hard to complete all of the sculptures for the park opening that will be scheduled for sometime this fall. (You can find more pictures of her work for this project on her blog Confessions of a Tile Smasher – and you’ll find more information about her on her website www.robinindar.com.)

We’re looking forward to seeing the animals in place – especially once the plants and landscaped areas of the 17-acre park have matured. They should be pretty spectacular.

Legacy Park is the linchpin in the City of Malibu’s $50 million dollar plan to improve water quality. The park is designed to work as an environmental cleaning machine, reducing pollution impacts in Malibu Creek, Malibu Lagoon, and at Surfrider Beach. At the same time it will provide a living learning center for five coastal habitats – including Southern California’s only coastal prairie. The animals that have been sculpted were chosen as representative of those coastal habitats.

photo source: Robin Indar - mosaic animals
Tom worked on this project through
Leslie Stone & Associates.

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