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Yosemite window banners design
photo: Yosemite Visitor Center window panels,
concept development for Leslie Stone Associates
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From original illustrations and fresh graphics to a design that pulls all the elements together — tell us what your message is, we'll picture it for you. Contact us for concept design, exhibit design, signage and interpretive panels — or graphic design and layout for packaging.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Other times you just want to hear all about it. When you need ideas, research or copy for print or web communication — we can help you find the words.

Remembering the stories, telling the stories, bringing them to life all over again... One of our specialties is concept design for museums, parks and other natural areas. Tom has contributed to designs for the Yosemite Visitor Center, Malibu's Legacy Park, and the Museo del Niño in Mexico City, among others. His original illustrations have also helped to visualize interpretive plans, inspire backing for proposals, and animate many signs and panels.

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